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   from an idea to reality.......


BRADZART: the art and design studio of Brad Earl, AIA

We ponder. We innovate. We create. We amaze each other.


My brain and I sometimes run in the same direction, at other times we debate who's got the better idea  when putting paint to canvas.  I'm both an architect with a painting hobby and an artist with an architectural  hobby.  Much of my art, as you might expect, is decidedly "architectural" in nature, as depicted in street scenes and old building facades. My fascination with old movie theaters of the 40's and 50's, and my constant exploration of wooden coasters and carousels found in amusement parks no doubt harken back to childhood memories of pure fun and adventure.


Every situation is unique, each subject with it's own story

to tell. Each setting deserves to be considered for its independence. My ideas often start with a doodle, a loose sketch, often discarded again and again........ You'll find in my progression of work that I've begun to focus on a direction I call, "BIG STUFF, Little People".......images of everyday items drawn to magnified scale, yet populated with Lilliputian observers.  But, old theater facades still call to me, from LA & Denver, to Chicago and the Southwest...............